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Experimental Farms

The Agricultural Faculty manages several land properties of Bologna University, for both didactic and research purposes. These facilities are managed by different Departments and in particular DiSTA coordinates the activities of two experimental farms: Cadriano (38 ha) and Ozzano (280 ha).

Cadriano Farm

Via Gandolfi 3 - 40057 - Cadriano di Granarolo dell’Emilia (BO) - Italy Phone: +39.051.765057 Fax: +39.051.765663

The farm is located in the surroundings of Bologna (approximately 5 Km far from DiSTA) in a flat area (33 m on sea level). The soil is a silt loam with a superficial water table dropping progressively during the summer. The pedological and climatic conditions permit the cultivation of winter cereals and spring-summer crops. More than 70% of total farm surface is employed for experimental activities, while the remaining farm area is devoted to production. Modern equipment for experimental and standard farming practices are available. In addition, greenhouses, storehouses, lysimeters and field laboratories complete the equipment at the disposal of researchers and students. A center for the study of forage conservation, a long term crop rotation experiment and a long term drainage study are hosted in the farm.

Silage research center

The center studies the production, conservation and transformation of forages into meat. The optimal agronomic practices for forage production are investigated (sowing and harvest time, plant density, chemical and organic fertilization, cultivar’s choice, crop rotation, low tillage). In addition, the silage technique is studied, both in regular and experimental conditions, for the improvement of fermentation and forage quality. Food-industry and agro-industry by-products (pressed sugar beet pulp, fruit discards, refuses of dregs of grapes processing, tomato by-products) are studied, in order to assess their usefulness for silos storage and feed cattle.

Ozzano Farm

Via Tolara di Sotto 3 - 40064 - Ozzano Emilia (BO) Phone: +39.051.799123 Fax: +39.051.6511642

The farm is located in Ozzano Emilia, a small town 20 km far from Bologna, in a hilly area of approximately 280 ha. The altitude of the farm ranges from 75 to 280 m on sea level. The soil is a sandy loam warming early during the springtime. For this reason the farm is suitable for precocious field and vegetable crops. Approximately 10% of total farm surface is devoted to experimental purposes. In addition, research projects in Plant Pathology, are carried out in the Ozzano farm. In the farm, a permanent experimental station was built in order to investigate soil erosion and factors involved in the environmental fate of pesticides and fertilizers.