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Services and Structures


Experimental Farms
The Agricultural Faculty manages several land properties of Bologna University, for both didactic and research purposes. These facilities are managed by different Departments and in particular DiSTA coordinates the activities of two experimental farms: Cadriano (38 ha) and Ozzano (280 ha).


Scardovi Collection of Bifidobacteria (BUSCOB)
The BUSCOB is an academic biobank runned by the "Agroenvironmental Microbiology unit" (former Istituto di Microbiologia Agraria e Tecnica) belonging to the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Bologna University. BUSCOB contains about 10000 bacterial strains, of which 9000 belong to Bifidobacteriaceae family (mainly to Bifidobacterium genus).
Fingerprinting service
General rulesfor laboratory analyses