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Fruit tree and woody plant sciences

Studies about fruit and forest trees as well as viticulture, ornamental species and landscape management are carried out.

Research deals with biology, eco-physiology and genetics in order to optimize the orchard and forest management and improve knowledge about plant metabolism, nutrient cycles, breeding and fruit quality.

The guidelines of sustainable agriculture and environment preservation as well as the varietal innovation and product improvement are taken into account. Innovative precision technologies (new instruments, analytical models and molecular and in vitro approaches) are developed and introduced.

All these activities are carried out in the labs and greenhouses located in viale Fanin 46 and at the Cadriano experimental station, in the greenhouses of the Imola station , at the University experimental farm (A.U.B) and in the Nonantola (MO) and San Rossore (PI) woods.





Fruit tree and woody plant sciences

Viale Fanin, 46 - 3th floor, north wing

40127 - Bologna - Italia

tel: +39 051 2096400

fax: +39 051 2096401