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The Department of Agricultural Sciences  “DipSA” of the University of Bologna was founded in 2012 through the merge of nine scientific bodies of the Faculty of Agriculture: the Department of Agronomy, the Department of Agronomy the Institute of Plant Pathology, the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology and the Institute of Entomology.

The DipSA is one of the largest departments of the University of Bologna, in budget and staff.


The Department is part of the Bologna University and its surrounding community, offering numerous opportunities for study, research fellowships, practical and field experiences.


How to reach the Department of Agricultural Sciences
Bologna is a major railway and highway hub (A1, A13 and A14). Air links with other countries are also excellent. Regular bus services connect the town centre to nearby Marconi Airport (ca. 8 km, north-west of the centre).